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Cheese Tea

The lastest hits, Cheese Tea is an innovation of a drink that is popular around Asia. The combination of tea and cream cheese that has unique flavour, the authentic taste of the tea and the tastiness of the cream cheese makes this drink to be a societies' favorite.

The complete recipe of Cheese Tea is below:

Tea Ingredients:

2 teabags

500 ml water

100 g granulated sugar Powdered sugar for garnishing

Cream Cheese Ingredients:

250 ml whipped cream

2 tbsp granulated sugar

200 gr cream cheese

2 tbsp of cheese powder

100 ml full cream milk


1. Brew the tea with hot water and sugar.

2. In a bowl, mix whipped cream with granulated sugar then whisk using a balloon whisker.

3. Add cream cheese and cheese powder, whisk, then add milk and mix well.

4. Prepare the mug, pour the tea into the mug then pour the cream cheese mixture on top. Finish with the powder sugar.

5. Ready to be served.

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