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Smoothies Mangga Kurma

Mango Dates Smoothies, a fresh and healthy drink. Has a natural sweetness from the dates, honey, and mango. It also so yummy from the creaminess by adding cream yoghurt and milk. This is really good to be a breakfast menu. Beside its freshness, mango dates smoothies also has many benefits. The high fiber of the dates can make you feeling full longer. The vitamin C from the mango can keep you healthy and even good for your skin! The goodness of the milk, honey and yoghurt can keep your digestive healthy.

The complete recipe of Mango Dates Smoothies is on below:


2 ripe manggoes, sliced

7 pc dates, throw the seed

7 tbsp honey

500 ml milk

100 g plain cream yoghurt


1. Freeze the sliced mango and no seed dates in the freezer.

2. Mix the frozen fruits with milk, yoghurt, and honey.

3. Blend until it is smooth, place in a glass.

4. Ready to serve

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