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Easy and delicious Rambutan Tofu recipe

Bored with basic processed tofu? Rounded tofu? Filled tofu? Now try this one, Rambutan tofu. This processed tofu, at a glance is similar to the rambutan fruit because it is covered in dried noodles. It tastes savory and delicious, and the texture is soft inside but crispy outside. It is suitable as a lunch menu for children or as a family snack. Quail eggs can also be replaced with cheese or meatballs.

A complete recipe for how to make Rambutan Tofu can be seen below.


7 pieces of peeled quail eggs

7 pieces of meatballs

6 pieces of large white tofu

100 gr of flour

3 pieces of dried instant noodles



Ground spices:

5 cloves of red onion

3 cloves of garlic




How to make:

1. Crush the instant noodles into small crumbs, set aside.

2. Fry whole onion and garlic, remove and drain.

3. In a food processor, mix white tofu, flour, salt, sugar and pepper. Then puree it until completely smooth.

4. Take the dough, then shape and fill it with boiled quail eggs and meatballs.

5. Then roll the mixture into the noodles crumbs while being pressed so that the noodles stick perfectly.

6. Fry in hot oil until it turns golden yellow, remove and drain.

7. Ready to be served.

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