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Resep Lumpia Tiramisu Cheesecake

Everyone knows this Semarangese unique snack, lumpia spring rolls. Usually it's served salty and savory, but this time it will be made with a pinch of innovation, this time we will use cheesecake as its filling. The soft cheesecake will add a modern twist to the all-time classic crispy texture of lumpia spring rolls.

The complete recipe on how to make Cheesecake Tiramisu Lumpia Spring Rolls is on below.

Tiramisu Cheesecake ingredients:

350 g of cream cheese

200 ml of whipping cream

100 ml of milk

100 g of powdered sugar

Cheese Cake Base ingredients:

25 pcs of milk biscuits

4 tbsp of instant coffee

50 ml of milk Butter

Lumpia spring rolls sheet

Other ingredients:

Egg whites from 1 pc of egg

Chocolate powder for sprinkle






Mint leaves



1. Prepare the Food Processor, put in the graham crackers and brewed instant coffee. Ground it.

2. Pour it into square bake pan, spread evenly.

3. Prepare the bowl, mix cream cheese, whipping cream, milk, and sugar. Then mix it evenly. 4. Pour the cheese batter above cracker base, spread evenly then put it in the freezer.


1. Heat up the oil in a pan.

2. Take out the cheesecake from the freezer then slice it in a size of a finger.

3. Prepare 2 spring roll sheets, place the cheesecake slices then roll it nicely.

4. Cover the tip of the roll with egg whites.

5. Deep-fry it in hot oil, fry for about 2-3 minutes.

6. Lift and drain it.

7. Sprinkle it with chocolate powder, add garnish, then serve.