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Ovaltine Macchiatto

Cookies is one of a favorite afternoon snack, yet it won't be complete without a suitable drink. Here we have recipe for a great companion of your afternoon snack-ing: Ovaltine Macchiato!

The complete recipe of Ovaltine Macchiato is on below:


2 tbsp vanilla essence

150 ml milk

1 ½ tbsp granulated sugar (according to your taste)

200 ml water

40 gr ovaltine

50 ml heavy cream

100 gr chocolate compound

Whipped cream


1. Heat the milk, then add ovaltine and chocolate compound

2. Foam: Heat the milk, add vanilla essence, granulated sugar, and heavy cream.

3. Pour the ovaltine mixture to the serving glass, add whipped cream and biscuit crumbs for te topping if you like.

#ovaltine #ovaltinemacchiatto

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