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Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Beside warming your soul, a cup of hot chocolate also helping us to keep healthy and calming a stress mind

The complete recipe of Red Velvet Hot Chocolate is on below: Ingredients:

Hot Chocolate

4 glass of milk

7 tsp granulated sugar

1 tsp food coloring (Red)

1 tsp vanilla essence

45 g chocolate compound

15 gr chocolate bar

Whipped Cream:

64 ml heavy cream

4 tbsp powdered sugar

112 g cream cheese

½ tsp vanilla essence


Whipped Cream

1. Mix heavy cream, powdered sugar and vanilla essence. Whisk using a mixer until it thicken and forming a foam.

2. Add cream cheese, then whisk again.

Hot Chocolate:

1. Heat the milk and granulated sugar using a medium heat. Mix well.

2. Add chocolate compound and chopped chocolate bar, stir until it melts.

3. Add vanilla essence and red food coloring. Mix.

4. Serve in a glass, pour the whipped cream on top and decorate as you like.

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