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Cake kekinian Bangbang

You must have heard of viral cake from famous couple, yup it's Cake Bang-bang! If you haven't try this cake, try to make this at home!

A complete recipe of how to make Bang-bang Cake ala Masak.TV can be seen as below.

Vanilla Cake Ingredients:

200 gr of sugar

2 chicken eggs

120 ml of milk

150 gr of butter

1 tsp of vanilla extract

2 tsp of baking powder

250 gr of all purpose flour

Caramel Ingredients:

200 gr of sugar

3 tsp of water

100 gr of whipped cream

55 gr butter

2 tsp of corn syrup

Wafer vanilla:

Topping Ingredients:

Rice crispy

250 gr of dark chocolate

How to make vanilla cakes:

1. Mix sugar and eggs using whisk until the sugar dissolves. Add milk, stir again until well blended

2. Mix butter, vanilla powder, baking powder, and flour, mix them well. Add little by little to the egg mixture, while stirring gently until smooth.

3. Pour into 3 rectangular pans with 3 cm depth that have been covered with paper, spread it evenly. Bake in a hot oven at 180° C for 30 minutes until it turned golden brown and well-cooked.

How to make caramel:

1. Mix water, sugar, corn syrup.

2. Stove on to medium heat until turn into amber color. Turn off the heat 3. Pour the cream slowly until everything is evenly mixed.

4. Add butter. Chill

How to make:

1. First Layer, Coat the top of Vanilla cake with caramel, arrange Wafer over the cake that has been given caramel, coat the top of the Wafer with caramel again.

2. Add the vanilla cake on top of the Wafer which has been coated with caramel to make the second layer. Repeat up to three layers.

3. Coat the final layer of vanilla cake with melted chocolate and sprinkle with brown rice crispy

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