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Resep Bakso Goreng Sambal Matah

If you crave for meatball yet you don't feel like having a regular soupy one, and also want some spicy and savoury things, Let's try our newest recipe, Fried Meatball with Sambal Matah! The taste of Balinese authentic chilli of the sambal matah is not only great for the grilled fish, but also an ultimate match combined with the fried meatball. The crispiness and tastiness of the fried meatball and the spicy-yet-refreshing of sambal matah will definitely keep you awake. Let's Try!

The complete recipe on how to make a Fried Meatball with Sambal Matah is on below:

For Fried Meatball:

250 gr ground beef

100 gr minced prawn

3 cloves of garlic

50 gr tapioca stratch

1 egg white

½ tsp baking soda

1 tsp sesame oil

Cooking oil




For Sambal Matah:

20 bird eye chilies

1 lemongrass, take the stem, thinly chopped

12 shallots, thinly chopped

½ tsp roast shrimp paste

5 Kaffir lime leaves, remove the stem and thinly chopped

3 Kaffir lime juices




Coconut oil

How to make the Meatball:

1. Prepare the bowl, mix the ground beef with the minced prawn in the bowl. Add the chopped garlic, mix well.

2. Add salt, pepper, sugar, tapioca stratch, baking soda and sesame oil, make sure to mix it well.

3. Heat the pan, wait until the temperature of the oil is between small to medium heat.

4. Shape it round using a spoon, the fry the meatball.

5. Fry the meatball until it is golden brown. Set aside.

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